Doctors, physical therapists and others are excited about Koko and Koko Healthtracks, both for themselves and their patients.

Koko FitClub and it’s patented Smartraining System offer a more individualized approach to personal health and fitness, using patented technology and coaching methodologies to build safe, progressive strength and cardio conditioning programs for people at almost any fitness level.


Koko Healthtracks

The team at Koko FitClub worked with physicians and exercise physiologists to build Healthtracks, a series of long term training programs designed specifically for adults looking to manage certain chronic conditions with exercise. These conditions include:


  • Breast Cancer Recovery
  • Men’s Health & Prostate Cancer
  • Back Pain Relief
  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis


Learn what physicians and healthcare professionals have to say about Koko and Koko Healthtracks


“I believe that Koko’s approach […] is the best way to achieve a high level of fitness without spending hours at the gym. The scientific evidence supporting this exercise philosophy is sound and strong. For me, knowing that I am exercising in a way that makes physiologic sense and is backed by data is important. The fact that the program is engineered such that I can get a solid workout in 45 minutes is also critical with my busy work and family schedule. Too many other approaches today are too-good-to-be-true and in fact are not. Overall, it is difficult to conceive of a better gym experience.” *


Andrew Norden, MD, MPH

Neurologist & Neuro-oncologist

“I have been a Koko member for 2 years. On a personal level, I am amazed to have finally found a regimen that is motivating, effective, and sustainable. As a physician, I recommend Koko on a daily basis for health maintenance, disease management and prevention. I am amazed at how the concept adapts to any age or fitness level. The constant feedback of performance into the system allows people to progress at whatever pace is appropriate and at a very low injury rate. Without asking people to commit enormous amounts of time or money, Koko provides health results that I have never seen equaled by any other intervention.” *


Deborah Ebert Long, MD

Triple board certified in Pulmonology, Thoracic Surgery, and Critical Care Medicine

“I absolutely believe in the philosophy of Koko. Weight loss and fitness are very complex, and with all of the different circulating opinions and fad diets around, I refer my patients to Koko because the advice is medically sound. I like the incremental delivery of nutritional and fitness info which would be practical for most people.” *


Christopher D. Holloway, MD

“Koko FitClub gives my patients a fast, fun, efficient workout that markedly improves strength with a professional, personalized 24 hour availability that works very well for a fast-paced lifestyle. I recommend it to all my patients as a superior product to typical gyms.” *


Evan Allen, MD

“Koko FitClub has provided me with a way to get back in shape and then focus on staying healthy in a fun, motivating, and effective manner. I have recommended Koko to my patients who are able to weight train and use either the elliptical and/or treadmill for aerobic exercise. I really like Michael Woods’ coaching during aerobic sessions. Thank you Koko for helping get back in shape and to stay motivated to keep exercising!” *


Martha Butterfield, MD

“Koko is one of the best things that has ever happened to my schedule! It is tremendously effective, it is quick and efficient and it is available anytime I am with no hassle, no waiting and no pre-arrangement. I LOVE Koko and consistently recommend it to my patients, family and friends.” *


Alan Brast, MD

Ph.D., C.C.H.T., CSA

“I joined Koko to add more strength training to my own exercise routine. I have personally seen a 29% strength gain since joining. I appreciate how Koko uses technology to help customize programs to the individual and brings in the components of cardio and nutrition to help a person safely meet their goals. I think that the on screen cues shown on the Smartrainer are a tremendous guide to help people perform the exercises with the correct form.(Along with the help from the great FitCoaches at the clubs). I think the variations of programs available and the customization that this can be a safeway for someone to continue a recovery process or to push themselves to their limits and all that lies in between.” *


Tracy Shupe

Physical Therapist, Certified Athletic Trainer

“As a physician, I am well aware of the important physiological benefits that interval weight training offers over any other type of exercise. I also understand that trying to perform this type of exercise properly without guidance is highly unlikely but found that most personal training options did not work well with my schedule. And then along came Koko Fitclub with the perfect solution for this busy professional! I find their program motivating, inspiring, brilliant and very importantly, time efficient. I look forward to my Koko workouts and enjoy tracking my progress. I have sent many family members, friends and patients there because I know that Koko FitClub is based on science and has the ability to individualize the program for each person for an incredibly reasonable fee. The feedback that I always get from my referrals is very enthusiastic. As a doctor, I know that means that Koko will become a permanent part of a lifestyle that helps my friends, family and patients live their best and healthiest life ever!” *


Karen E. Moriarty, DC

“I love KOKO. I love the attention I get virtually from the fantastic trainers. I love the staff – they know me and are always upbeat. I love the clientele – keep machines clean and always supportive and friendly. Not your usual Gym at all!  I have a broken bone in my lower lumbar spine. I use KOKO to keep me going for that issue. KOKO has allowed me to keep in good condition 2 + years now. Thanks, KOKO” *


James Topic, MD

“Koko has been a fantastic “fit” for me and my lifestyle. I joined 10 months after the birth of my second son and have been a member for nearly 3 years. I was looking for a place to not only lose my post pregnancy weight, but to regain my sense of athleticism and healthy self. As a former competitive swimmer, exercise has always been an important part of my physical and emotional well being. Yet, as life progressed, work and family responsibilities become more front loaded, and the percent time allotted for exercise, substantially diminished. Thus, when I discovered Koko, it immediately made sense for me as the time commitment was optimal. As a full time physician, wife, and mother of two, I wanted to maximize my efficiency in the gym, lose weight, and improve on my cardiovascular and strength fitness. Koko gave me that opportunity, and it did so in a competitive and friendly manner. More importantly, it is sustainable for both my schedule and long term fitness goals. I have had the opportunity to meet wonderful people and constantly strive for improvement. As a proponent for health and obesity prevention, I truly support Koko’s endeavors and only wish there was a track for youth as the problems of obesity are far spread. Thank you Koko!” *


Jessica Smith, MD

Pediatric Endocrinologist

“As an emergency medicine physician I would like to think that I practice what I preach. We all have a fundamental understanding that being physically fit benefits ones overall feeling of well being and health. The pathway to achieving your goal of being physical fit varies as there are a wide variety of gyms, video fitness programs and endless amount of diet plans. Why did I join Koko Fit Club in particular? I’ve been a member of many types of gyms in my lifetime, but, I have found that the Koko program is well suited for my needs and fits my busy schedule. I choose the fitness program that best fits my goal and have a virtual fitness trainer there every step of the way. I go when I want with convenient hours and within the seven months I’ve been a member I never had to wait for any fitness equipment to use. Importantly, the feedback and monitoring of your progress online is simply great and comprehensive. There are several measured parameters that you can track online to follow your progress. All in all, Koko FitClub had delivered the most value for the money, time investment and results then any gym or other health programs I’ve been a member of.” *


Martin G. Guerrero, MD

“The structure of the exercise regimens are outstanding. I love the variety and design. This is the reason I keep coming back to Koko. I can see that the regimens are based on the most up to date principles of modern sports medicine. The time is also designed to fit into my hectic schedule and so Koko works very well. Before Koko I found my exercise regimens to become stale and I would plateau, but not with Koko, never with Koko. The cardio regimens have a great variety and instruction from Michael Woods and the new trainer is outstanding! The variety of challenges is great and the time also fits into my schedule.  Frequently I have to subject patients to long courses of steroids that have a severe side effect profile in regard to lipid deposition and truncal obesity (lupus patients etc..) In comes Michael Wood healthy eating tips and exercise tips that we hear during the cardio sessions! I make a list for patients that include smaller plates, a glass of water before they eat, not missing breakfast and so on. These are based on recent journal articles, data that makes the foundation of modern western medical practice. Keep em coming Mr Wood! My patients are loving them.” *


John Havill, MD, BSci

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We’d love to customize a fat-burning, muscle-toning plan — nutrition AND exercise — designed to help you look and feel better in the shortest amount of time. Come visit our coaches and see what Koko FitClub can do for you.


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